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Pakistan-France Business Alliance co-hosts a Seminar on Safer Charity Practices.

Karachi, February 12, An awareness seminar, as part of a wider outreach campaign on Safer Charity Practice being run by the Ministry of Information Broadcasting and National Heritage, was held at a local hotel. This campaign is part of the National Internal Security Policy to apprise people with exercising caution while donating.
The event was organized by Pakistan-France Business Alliance (P.F.B.A) in collaboration with MYMACOM and was attended by the members of PFBA headed by their Chairman Mr. Jamil Hamdani. The session was kicked off with an introductory presentation on safer charity practice by CEO of MYMACOM, Mr. Yasir Masood.

Speaking on the occasion, the PFBA Chairman, Mr. Jamil Hamdani appreciated the government's efforts to promote the concept of safer charity among the masses with the consequences of inadvertent donation practices. He maintained that the business community in particular should be made aware of this hidden threat, since they are among the most generous donors. Majority of the donors do know the recipient's profile, thus the level of vigilance should be the same as in any other business transaction.
The Chairman's address was followed by an interactive session with the audience where the speakers were thronged with questions. There was a general consent that nobody willingly funds any extremist outfit, yet an extra degree of caution must be exercised while donating considering the menace of terrorism that has engulfed this nation. The participants generally agreed that while Pakistanis donate generously, they should be careful as there still are some outfits which under the guise of charity organization collect huge sum of donations which are then directed towards anti state activities.

The participants expressed their gratitude for being guided with the fundamental precautionary steps like checking organization's financial track record, service domains like health care, education, orphanage, women rights, clean drinking water, food etc. their political and religious affiliations, and service implementation evidence while practicing the noble act of charity. It was also noted that an organization should not be qualified to be the charity recipient on the basis of its registration only, but the legitimacy of its activities must also be scrutinized. The audience eagerly opted to volunteer for the cause recognizing the need to disseminate the message on a broader scale.