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The Minar-e-Pakistan is a tall concrete unique minaret in Iqbal Park in Lahore, Pakistan. Its height is about 60 meters [1] or 198.5 feet. The name can be translated as Minaret of Pakistan, Pakistan Tower or Pakistan Column. Now it is officially recognized as the National Monument of Pakistan. This is the site where in 1940, seven years before the formation of Pakistan, the Muslim League passed the Lahore Resolution, now the Pakistan Resolution, in which the need for a separate homeland for the Muslims from the Indian Empire under foreign rule was originally recognised.

The Minar-e-Pakistan was designed by Murad Khan, a Turkish architect. The base of the tower is raised approximately four metres from the ground. It rises up to approximately 13 metres, forming a sculpted, flower-like base. From this point it tapers as it rises. The base platform is shaped like a five-pointed star and it encloses crescent shaped pools. The overall height of the monument is approximately sixty metres. It is constructed of reinforced concrete, with the floors and walls rendered in stone and marble.